• Oct, 09 , 2020

Equipment needed when opening a New Café.

If you are thinking of setting up a coffee shop business in Ahmedabad, there are many things to be considered. The most important among them is purchasing the right equipment to make your Café look perfect.

Opening a new business provides an exciting challenge and with the right equipment you have a high chance of succeeding. Below is a comprehensive list of some of the essential equipment you need when opening up a New Café.

Cafe & Bar stool and Table.

Chair and tables are one of the most important pieces of furniture in a Cafe. Adva Tech offers a range of metal chairs and tables that are very comfortable and will surely enhance the look of your café. These chairs and tables are available in different colours and designs and are very easy to move and shift.

Wire Shelving.

The wire rack is a must have for your café and is very helpful in load bearing. It consists of a wire mesh that is attached to metal bars. It acts as a support and serves the function of displaying your café with bulk coffee, mugs, flower pots etc.

Wire Shelving also helps to create adequate space in the shop and allows for a clear view so that you could easily display the available items for sale.

Adva-Tech's wire shelvings are easy to assemble, fully adjustable and customizable to meet any storage need.

Instrument Trolley.

The Instrument Trolley is much needed equipment in your coffee shop. It helps in easy movement of weighty items with convenience around your café.

Adjustable shelves.

The whole reason to install adjustable shelves is so you can alter the shelf spacing as needed. You can change the style and storage space of the café accordingly. Adva Tech adjustable shelves provide added accessibility and storage space. They can be applied in a variety of areas in your café and can help you enhance the look as well as the storage space of your café. They are adjustable to suit their purpose and environment.

Utility Cart.

Utility carts have different capacities and are classed by the numbers of products they can hold at a time. These carts are very useful when serving coffee or food in your shop.

These are some of the items that are needed in a café shop. Adva Tech offers most of the above mentioned items. All the products are Quality assured. If you need any information please Get in Touch with us.